Embrace the Cushion!

My personal life this week has been a little challenging to say the least so when I became the owner of a new cushion that I had won in a competition courtesy of Sarah Myall at Design29 Interiors, it was a very welcome treat.  Sarah has a thriving interior design business with an ever-growing samples library of scrumptious designer delights that are sure to impress.  Check out her website here.

It’s always nice to acquire something new.  And it’s even better when you had to spend diddly-squat in order to possess it.  I deemed the arrival of said cushion as very exciting.  You’re wondering why a cushion can be exciting, right?

Allow me to explain.

Cushions are the secret weapon of interior design.  They are little pockets of greatness that can inject colour, pattern, texture and individuality.  They help to co-ordinate or contrast and can visually lift an entire design scheme.  Seriously, that’s pretty impressive.

AND it also means that my shrine to all things vintage/industrial inspired is finally complete.  How awesome.

Imogen Heath Cushion 1

Imogen Heath’s cushions are all handmade and utterly bespoke.  So, if you fancy injecting some cheerful geometrics or abstract florals into your room, this is the perfect way to do it.  You can find out more about Imogen via her website here.

So, my shrine to all things vintage/industrial inspired is now complete.  And you’ll be pleased to know that this will be my last post on the subject of my little overhaul!  It’s an eclectic mix of modern meets vintage and I personally think it’s a breath of fresh air to my room that was previously designed in a very modern and one dimensional style.

If you’d like to face the fear and inject a little bit of individuality and quirkiness into your space then check out my tips on achieving this look.

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