The Perils of the ‘Wanting it All Syndrome’

So, this post has absolutely nothing to do with wall coverings.  Uh huh, you read correctly.

It has diddly squat to do with appreciation of period detailing.  Yep, indeedy.

And there will be NO mention of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, 3D Visualisation, cushions nor Tolix.  Breaks my heart.  Can you hear my heart breaking?  Well, can you??!

In this fast paced society in which we live, the ‘wanting it all and wanting it now‘ syndrome is very much a commonplace ethos.  Why is everyone so goddam impatient?!  And I’m just as guilty when it comes to my own ambitions and personal goals.  But at what cost?  This was supposed to bring me happiness.  Am I happy?  I certainly am NOT!

I’ve been running myself ragged with my full-time job commitments, my studying and my freelancing.  And the result?

I’m burnt out.

Wanting it All

My sleep pattern is shot to sh*t; my appetite has disappeared and my hair looks like poo.  And I’m ALL about my hair, it’s my security blanket.  Seriously, if my hair doesn’t look right then my whole world feels out of focus.  Weird but true.

It’s time to regroup.  And that can mean only one thing: something has to take a back seat, temporarily at the very least.  So I’ve made the decision to take a break from my studies.

It’s time to unwind and have a little fun, fun, FUN!

Don’t fret, I’ll still be posting my usual ramblings where interior design is concerned but life is for living, right?!  It’s about waking up in the morning and appreciating what you’ve got, not dreading the fact that you are constantly bound by a zillion deadlines.  Especially when YOU created most of those deadlines!!

I still want it all.  But just not NOW.

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8 responses to “The Perils of the ‘Wanting it All Syndrome’

  • Ruth

    I think lots of us can relate to this! But your freelance work is looking amazing, and your blog has given me lots of inspiration over the past months as I have been trying to teach myself 3D rendering ( its definitely not easy and I have felt burnt out too at times trying to combine everything with working full time!) But its important to have fun too so sure you are doing the right thing and the practice you are getting through freelance work will hopefully mean your work is even better when you return to studying! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • anitadesignstudio

    Ruth, thank you so much for your comment. I’m so glad that my blog has helped to inspire you! :) Self-teaching is no joke, especially when it’s 3D rendering. But you’ll get there ;) I think I’ve made the right decision, my only fear is that I’ll get so used to not studying and reclaiming my life that I’ll not want to return to it; because I really do want to finish my studies. But we’ll see…

  • dominikawiecha

    I can totally relate to this too. Full time job, studies and trying to actually hold down a relationship and some very limited social life mean that I’m tired 24/7 and always stressed and panicking about not having enough time to do everything. My hair is surely going to be fully grey by the time I finally graduate ;)
    But hey hopefully a break will give you a chance to recharge your batteries and come back even more motivated (fingers crossed :) ).

    • anitadesignstudio

      Hi Dominika, I’m glad someone else can relate to the mess that my life has now become! Seriously, I’ve lost weight, my complexion is usually a shade of grey (not to be confused with 50 Shades of Grey, cos we’ll end up on a completely different tangent…) and my personal life sucks. Big time. I’m looking forward to recharging and experiencing LIFE! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog! :)

  • Melissa

    Will miss you on the Forum Anita, hope you will probably still have access to it though. You keep me inspired with this blog too, so keep up the good work. You are so talented, so you must finish your studies or I’ll be cross with you!! ;-))

    • anitadesignstudio

      Awh thanks Melissa. I’m almost sure that I’ll still have access to the Forum, chum. And thanks for all of your support both on the Forum and on here. Don’t worry, I’m not going to disappear off the radar and I’ll be returning to my studies in February ;) xx

  • Adam S

    I’m nodding my head “yes”. Well, it’s more of a VIOLENT HEAD BANGING sort of thing, but same principal. Grab a pint and kick em up, wee mucker!

  • anitadesignstudio

    The ‘playing drums’ kind of head banging?! Cool. First round of beers is on you homeboy! ;)

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