Welcome to my 3D World

If I’m honest, I would probably admit to preferring the perfect lighting, straight walls and fingerprint-free world of 3D rendering compared to designing a space in reality.  It’s the ultimate form of escapism where Interior Design is concerned.

3D Visual Presentation - 2

It’s where I let my creative juices roam free.  Sometimes the results are astounding and sometimes they’re just plain wacky.  But hey, you gotta let your hair down sometimes, right?

3D rendering provides a realistic glimpse into a world of possibilities and conveys all of your design aspirations in a neat little 2D graphic.  It will accurately depict physical environment lighting, artificial lighting, reflections, shadows and textures to give you an insight into how a space could look in reality.

3D Visual Presentation - 4

What’s not to love?

3D Visual Presentation - 5

All of these renders (bar the first one, that was my design!) were professional commissions.  The 3D model is constructed using Google SketchUp Pro and is built to a scale of 1:1.  The renders are created using Maxwell Render.  All final presentations include 3 different angles and a to scale plan view of the space.

3D Visual Presentation - 6

Talk to me; I can make your design aspirations come to life.

3D Visual Presentation - 7

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