These 3D Visuals caused me to suffer from lingering headaches, audible sighs of exacerbation and levels of determination that I didn’t even know I had (I ended up rebuilding the model 4 times to try and figure out why it wouldn’t render correctly – it WASN’T going to beat me).

Officially, I no longer enjoy building 3D models of kitchens.  Ironically, for someone who is ALL about detail, I found the exacting requirements of constructing this kitchen to be gut wrenching.

The bonus?  There were lots of straight lines.  I like straight lines.  Straight lines are yummy.  Curves are not.  Ask any 3D modeller (or Architect for that matter), if they like curves and your question will be answered with sheer and utter contempt.

I repeat: I don’t like constructing 3D kitchens.

It might have been a more pleasing process if I hadn’t have experienced so many technical hitches.  Even though I’ve been doing this rendering malarkey for over a year, there are times when I feel that I’ve only just started.

A few tips:

1. When you’re creating a material in Photoshop, remember to convert it into a small JPEG before you incorporate it into your model.  I didn’t.  The result?  Maxwell Render kept crashing.  Which in turn, kept crashing my ENTIRE laptop.  Lesson learned?  You betcha.

2. When using IES emitters and standard emitting materials in Maxwell Render DON’T select the setting that allows you to modify both power and colour output as it’s rendering.  IES emitters don’t like this.  Maxwell Render becomes VERY tetchy as a result.  Lesson learned?  Yes, sir.

3.  Be careful when you’re applying glossy finishes to a lot of materials, when there’s lots of emitters.  The lights bounce off all of these shiny surfaces and therefore rendering time is increased dramatically.

Lecture over.

On the plus side, I’m loving this kitchen.  It’s modern in every sense of the word.  Glossy kitchen units may not be a practical solution in a family home due to the ‘sticky finger’ syndrome but they are ultra sleek.  Me likey.  In addition, choosing two different colours is also a nice way to keep things visually interesting.

The eye-catcher in this space is the striped wallpaper.  It has a colour palette of bright green and pink but it’s striped composition adds order and calm.  A nice touch.

And finally, there’s no reason why a kitchen can’t have a little bit of drama and glamour where lighting is concerned.  The chandelier above the centre island is a cleverly disguised extraction unit and it’s a feast for the eyes.  Love, love, love.

3D Visual - Kitchen 1

3D Visual - Kitchen 2

3D Visual - Kitchen 3

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14 responses to “Kitchens!

  • Melissa

    Great renders Anita, were the kitchen units from Sketch Ups 3D Warehouse?

  • Emily Brookes

    Great tips Anita, love the new blog design! x

  • anitadesignstudio

    Awh, thanks Emily! :)

  • Bouchra

    Hi Anita… Great work as usual..I’ll never get bored looking at renderings. You’re working really hard at keeping your ‘relationship’ with Maxwell going. Love the idea of a chandelier that serves as an extractor … does that exist? If not, they should invent them and we’ll put them everywhere (kitchens, bathrooms, above the BBQ, everywhere!).x

  • anitadesignstudio

    Hello my darling, Bouchra! Still love that name, by the way! It’s so exotic!! Yep, they do indeed exist!! Pretty sexy for an extractor, eh??!! I want one. Maybe 3.

  • Bouchra

    The extractor is so cool! Now they have to talk to Dyson to make them smaller and then they can fit them in most chandeliers – Love it! Hotels could do with those especially in their bathrooms as most don’t have windows and the fans are just ugly and useless. Bring on the glamour in the toilets!

    Your ‘relationship’ is the most productive because you work hard at it and you don’t let little things (and big things by the look of it) get in the way … I know it is getting serious … Maxwell is dragging you through rough times but you’re still there and faithful … come on, try 3DMax.

    As for my name, it’s just the way you pronounce it … the Irish way ;o)


    • anitadesignstudio

      Haha, these would look awesome swinging about in a toilet!! Actually, they would look awesome swinging anywhere!! I think this ‘relationship’ is the only one I’ve worked this hard at!!! I tried 3DMax – I didn’t like it!! My heart belongs to Max!! <3 x

      • anitadesignstudio

        P.S. The way I pronounce it probably makes it sound WORSE!!! The Irish ‘way’ doesn’t sound too pleasing to the ears!

  • Bouchra

    Indeed, your relationship is very strong. Even if I think Maxwell is handsome, I thought 3D Max’s looks would win your heart. Wishing you all the best in your relationship and keep making beautiful babies.

    I totally disagree with you regarding the Irish ‘way’ (I cringe when I hear the French accent, so there you go…). I love it (when I can understand of course). x

    • anitadesignstudio

      Haha ‘beautiful babies’!! Well said, Bouchra! And yes, I understand that the Irish accent can be difficult to decipher! Oops. I ADORE your accent. Tres sexy!! Oh la la!! :)

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