Sinking One’s Teeth Into ‘Real World’

When studying Interior Design, or any subject for that matter, you are continually shielded from the potential stresses, strains and pitfalls of reality.  You are encased in a little protective bubble, where experimentation of your talents and aspirations are encouraged.  You grow, develop and evolve as you fine-tune, sharpen and steadily gain levels of confidence that were previously non-existent.

You never think about ‘reality’ because, quite frankly, it’s too scary to contemplate.

Until one day, when fate comes a knockin’.

You find yourself faced with a golden opportunity that simultaneously petrifies and excites you beyond all belief.  And even though you feel completely and utterly out of your depth, you push away the niggling self-doubt, take a few deep breaths (possibly assisted with a brown paper bag) and lunge yourself into a world of the unknown because you owe it to yourself.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I was approached a few weeks ago with a request to provide designs for the redesign of an apartment.  And it wasn’t an assignment.  It was an actual property.  With actual walls.  And a real life client.

This was it.  All the studying, research, cramming, late nights, cursing and self-teaching of CAD software was (hopefully) going to be applied FOR REAL.

The client meeting came and went, with buzz words of ‘retro’ and ‘contemporary classic’.  And then I suddenly felt the pressure and burden of expectation as I set about pulling together a few design concepts.

I gleamed inspiration from local surroundings, architecture, wine, industrial design, current trends and my creative instincts.

And I did it.  I actually created 3 design concepts for a client (yes, I’m still trying to get my head around this).  Now all I have to do is hope that tomorrow, the client is as equally enthused, inspired and excited by these as I am.

To be continued…

D Mann Living 1 Edited 150114

D Mann Living 2 Edited 150114

D Mann Living 3 Edited 150114

Guest Bedroom Final 1 Edited 150114

Guest Bedroom Final 2 Edited 150114

Guest Bedroom Final 3 Edited 150114

Master Bedroom - Final