3D Visuals, With Attitude

I love creating 3D visuals.  Nothing gives me the same level of enjoyment and satisfaction than creating photo-realistic 3D visuals and witnessing the looks of disbelief and delight on my client’s face.  It means that I’ve done my job properly.  But sometimes I’d much rather create 3D visuals that are a little more edgy, gritty and creative.

Admittedly, in this serious business of Interior Design, with equally serious clients who expect a certain standard of realism in the presented renders, I have zero opportunity to get a little creative and ‘stoopid’.

I might try to convince the Designer I’m assisting at Grand Designs Live 2014, to consider pushing the proverbial boat out a little.

These are examples of 3D visuals I’ve created and then edited in Photoshop to provide a much more gritty, cinematic and overall edgy appearance.

Me likey.  A lot.

Guest Bedroom Edited 1

Guest Bedroom Edited 2

Guest Bedroom Edited 3

The contrast levels have been exaggerated via the High Pass filter and then I’ve added noise and posterisation to add the grainy and cinematic inspired effect.

And the image below is basically me showing off, demonstrating that I can morph a sketch effect with a photograph.  But it’s still a pretty cool effect to illustrate the design process, but in a more abstract fashion.  No?

Guest Bedroom Morph Sketch

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2 responses to “3D Visuals, With Attitude

  • Melissa

    Great visuals as usual Anita, but do particularly like the ‘morph sketch’. It gives an idea of how a render develops.

  • anitadesignstudio

    Hi Melissa! Thanks, chick ;) And yes, I agree. The morphing effect is particularly awesome to illustrate the concept design stage and the end (photo-realistic) result.

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