You Call it Stubbornness. I Call it Determination.

I created an online portfolio of my 3D visualisation work last night, in a bid to impress all of the many head hunters that dive into my digital meanderings on a weekly basis.

I’m joking.

So, I spent all evening creating this masterpiece using Photoshop.  I downloaded 100 new Photoshop ‘paint stroke’ brushes and inspected each and every one to select the strokes that were raggedy enough, grungy enough and tapered off at the correct angle…enough.

Then I downloaded 100 ‘paint splat’ brushes.  The varying strands of projectile splat of each brush were robustly inspected to ensure the correct level of randomness, messiness and realism was apparent.

Once I had satisfied myself that all brushes were in order, I switched to creative mode and let my arty side take over.

Having completed this project successfully and to my utter delight and glee, I then ‘embedded’ it into my blog post and hit the ‘publish’ button.  It was at this stage, that my life fell apart as I became infuriatingly aware that embedding Issuu publications into WordPress.COM blogs was a little more tricky than I thought.

Needless to say, after 14 mugs of coffee, 2 bowls of crisps and lots of squinting at HTML code, I’ve managed to embed the little $#!%@*.

At this stage, I no longer care who reads it.

You better read it. 

For those of you viewing this using a mobile device, please click here.

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